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Phil S. (Swiit Apps)
Having worked with many developers in the past, I know of only 5 good developers. Now Flaviu from Garessio is added to that good list. He is thorough in development, communication, documentation, explanations and management of the project.
Kristopher L.
Did exactly what I asked him to do in a very efficient and timely manner. Great developer.
Grace Q.
Flaviu from Garessio was really great and easy to work with. Will definitely work with him again
Adam Schwarz (LLLo Inc.)
Best developers I have ever worked with!
Ryan Prellwitz (Tendril Technology)
Garessio team did a great job of understanding the project, sticking to the timeline and keeping track of everything that needed to be done. They presented different options when needed and followed my direction on what needed to be done. Great job!
Liew Wenping (Aroom Inc.)
Garessio did it again !! EXCELLENT programmers, EXCELLENT communication, EXCELLENT effort and EXCELLENT job done !! I personally strongly recommend Garessio as your programmers, you won't be disappointed...
Bill Broadbent (Mowbi)
Fantastic job done on time and better than expected. Highly Recommended!!!
Liew Wenping (Aroom Inc.)
Based on my personal review, I'd enjoyed my time working with Garessio, they are very talented and excellent programmers. They not just updated my project status from time to time and he even keep suggesting good features to improve my project to be more attractive!...

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Here at Garessio Software, we have gathered a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who have maintained a very high product quality right from the start. The projects we have launched have only enhanced our team's appetite to innovate and improve existing solutions
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